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March , 2016

first line

The company Management takes the decision about the first line of products
after the marketing study and survey the company selected three products to be the first line of products to be the core and start point of the company.

Jan, 2016

get started

Nutravita became a licensed company
the dream which started in 2013 and was taking a long time of planning ,now it will start to be implimented in the Egyptian Market to be launched after one year of registration and construction.




Nutraceuticals have come a long way in the healthcare industry. Now they are no more confined to the traditional mineral, vitamin & anti-oxidant supplementation. The arrival of NGEBNs - New Generation Evidence Based Nutraceuticals is set to begin a new era and revolutionize the healthcare industry in the world According to ORG IMS today the nutraceuticals enjoy the support of 70 per cent healthcare specialists, with one out of four prescriptions carrying a nutraceutical product.

Learning from the past, when supplements lost out to prescription products as the former did not have the evidence to back them up, there is a boom in research and development activities, robust scientific back-up and clinical trial and validation of new nutraceutical entities, all of which is paving the way for a major growth in the segment, especially in developing countries.

Finally all over the world neutraceuticals become a preventive and treatment agent for all deficiency diseases rather than growth agents specially after being organized by guide lines which regulates the RDA required daily allownce of each age/case .